March 14, 2013

Fashion Friday: Spring Break Stylishly!

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The time we thought would NEVER come is here. Yes, our weeks of (attempted) dedication to our studies, of enduring sub-zero temperatures and being forced to wear big puffy coats have earned us our beloved, ever-so-dear spring break. Hallelujah. Now, am I the only one who still has flashes of TRL (so ‘90s) hosting the infamous MTV bash in Miami whenever the phrase ‘spring break’ is mentioned? I certainly hope so; watching that after school when I was, like, 10 years old definitely left me scarred. However, as a college student today, I can attest that the ‘go crazy’ spring break phenomenon is definitely a reality (though hopefully not TRL status, ew).

Some of you may even be going to that quintessential spring break spot that is Miami, or possibly another city, to hit the clubs. Others may be going to other more exotic places (and I’m not, so don’t rub it in or, like..mention it at all). And some of you are simply going home! There is no shame in just resting all break, recovering from the trauma of prelims, the harshness of Ithaca weather and any other horrors you may have experienced thus far in the semester. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, though, I just want to make sure you look good. With that, I present to you some spring break style tips and suggestions, so as to avoid future Facebook pictures of any of you in A) scandalous/skimpy ensembles B) visors or sandals and socks C) any other clothing that is considered spring-break-scary.

For the beach bums: think festival-chic. Those ragged, distressed “vintage” shorts you spent $60 on are perfect to throw on over a bathing suit, as are tasteful cropped tops; these looks also transition well if you want to explore the boardwalks or bars or wherever else you may choose to wander. A tunic or cover-up dress is always a cute and easy option for the beach, as well. As far as accessories go, snap-back hats are so in right now, and they are a great way to shield your face from the harshness of the sun. For eyewear, I know you love your Aviator Ray Bans, and they’re as classic as you can get, but you will be in hysterics if they should get scratched, sandy or, the most likely of all, lost. So invest in some cheap but chic $16 pair that you can throw on or lay down without worry. I’d suggest you apply this idea to flip-flops, too. The Tory Burch pair may be cuter, but the $2 Old Navy sandals are the smarter way to go. Oh, and as for make-up? No — just, no.

For the night(club) owls: Those of you hitting the clubs in warmer weather locations should stick to cute dresses and manageable heels. I know the temptation to go as short in length as possible becomes even greater when you have a sun-kissed glow, but, PLEASE, there are few sights worse than a girl in a very skimpy dress dancing in a club. And don’t even think about climbing onto a table … Jeans with heels and a dressier top are definitely club-worthy, especially in more tropical locations. Heading to LA or NYC? Obviously you need a more refined ensemble; something dressier and more innovative is a given. Throw on a (black) leather jacket or a (black) blazer over a classic dress, or be more daring and experiment with one of this season’s hottest prints. However, do not overdo it, or don’t expect to even get past the door.

For the ski-bunnies: I’m not even going there. You’re coming from Ithaca; you should be prepared to face the Arctic Tundra.

And as for those of you going home? Use this time to take inventory on your clothing. Get rid of anything too small or too bizarre, and figure out what you need for spring. Make exchanges with your closet here at Cornell, and bring back your favorite warm-weather pieces for those fluke days we experience once in a blue moon. And, hey, if you want to rock sweatpants lounging around your house, that’s OK with me. But only inside your house. Best spring-breaking to you all!

Original Author: Meghan Flynn