March 26, 2013

Big Red Ambition #12: Order Ice Cream at the Dairy Bar

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Well, last year I wrote about this item in my “A Lack of Ambition” blog post. But because all you youngsters who aren’t being forced to graduate in May like yours truly will be able to reap the benefits of the Dairy Bar opening in the fall of 2013, I’ve decided it’s time to start stirring up some excitement about the possibility of being able to check off #12 (Order ice cream at The Dairy Bar).

And let me tell you, y’all should be getting PUMPED for the grand re-opening of the yummiest place on earth. The Dairy Bar is no ordinary dairy store. Well, at least not to my family — we LIVE for the Dairy Bar. Let’s just say that over the course of my brother’s (Ross Freilich ’09 — there’s your shout out) graduation weekend, we probably visited the Dairy Bar five or six times. In three days. Normal? Probably not. Necessary? Absolutely.

Now my dad is all about the Dairy Bar’s chocolate pudding. He’s named it CUCP (Cornell University Chocolate Pudding), and I wish I was kidding, but I’m not sure he would have let me in the house when I came home freshman year if I didn’t have a pint of CUCP in tow. When I told my dad that the Dairy Bar was opening in the fall, he asked me if I’d mind graduating in December so my graduation weekend wouldn’t be void of CUCP. I told him I’d be okay with it, but my mom wasn’t such a fan of the idea, so he’s going to have to get more creative to get his CUCP fix.

Let’s move on to everything else housed at the Dairy Bar. I was Googling the Dairy Bar ice cream flavors when I came across some FANTASTIC reviews on Yelp that I had to share because of how hilarious they were. Annabel S. said, “Have you ever seen a wedding party come to a dairy bar for their reception? I have — enough said.” Wilson K. said, “This is a great place to get fat.” LOL.

I remember my first trip to the Dairy Bar. First, let me say that I’m the type of person who gets really frazzled getting salad at Terrace because there are just so many options and I kind of lose my command of the English language and forget the word “tomato,” or something equally as stupid and embarrassing. Well, the first time I walked into the Dairy Bar I was greeted by SO MUCH CHEESE (and who doesn’t love cheese), CUCP (obviously) and a really long list of ice cream flavors. Needless to say, this was like sensory overload. I think I forgot to move until my mom asked me if I was alright. Well, the ice cream flavor options were a tad overwhelming so I wasn’t totally alright. Anywho, I could not decide what flavor to get and I always feel bad sampling every flavor — ‘cause it’s just so awkward when you’re like, “Okay this is good, onto the next and keep ‘em coming.” So I just decided to go with Nutty Butty Franklin. It’s been almost three years since I’ve had Cornell Dairy ice cream, and I remember vividly how good it was.

Anyway, I know my first stop when I come back to visit next semester will be the Dairy Bar (it’ll also be my last stop so I can pick up some CUCP for my dad), so I hope all of you young ones are ready to have the best ice cream ever when you return after the summer.

And I’d like to finish with my favorite Dairy Bar review written by Steven C. from San Francisco, “I heard you like ice cream. Sure it might be below ZERO degrees outside but it’s REAL ice cream, made from the blood, sweat, and tears of other Cornell students. Okay that last part might not be true but if you enjoy creamy, delicious ice cream, skip the stuff in downtown Ithaca and do the trek across the field to get here. Take the bus if you’re lazy.”

Original Author: Jaime Freilich