April 9, 2013

POLL: The F Word

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I get all fired up when someone says that I should take a chill pill and focus on my MRS degree. I resent when people tell me that what I’m wearing isn’t sexy enough for the night scene. And, I am definitely earning the rep as that crazy chick who is way more like Rosy the Riveter than any girl should ever be.

But, I resent being called a feminist. And I have no idea why. Despite my glaring girl-power spirit, I get really defensive when people pin me as the “f word,” quickly lashing back with “No I am not!” and a kitchen joke.

Rationally, I know it is strange that this is something that irks me. According to Merriam Webster, feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” — which really doesn’t sound too terrible. But even with my queasiness, I did not realize how distasteful people find the word feminist until this week’s poll.

It disappoints me that at a school chockfull of intelligent, thoughtful difference-makers, so many — including myself — think that the word feminist has a negative connation.

Do you think that the word “feminist” has a positive, negatve or neutral connotation?


Positive: 7%

Neutral: 21%

Negative: 72%

Sample size: 100

Original Author: Sophie Allen