April 9, 2013

Some Spring Sampling

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As my last semester here at Cornell starts to come to a close, I’ve been feeling the need to compulsively frequent campus’ most popular eateries. The nostalgia is already starting to set in, so to avoid being overwhelmed by too many (food) memories, I’ve started to stray from my normal choices and mix up what I order, specifically this week at CTB and the Ivy Room.

You can’t go wrong with simple classics I’ve written about before like the white garlic pizza bagel or a plain bagel with butter and cinnamon sugar. It’s important to not forget about their wraps however, which you can completely customize to your liking. Something somewhat light and great for after a springtime run is a turkey wrap. Garnish it with avocado, black olives, American cheese and mayo and you’ll have a (mostly) healthy mix of textures and tastes. If you want to venture even further and leave all inhibitions behind, grab a salt bagel with extra butter, sausage, mozzarella cheese and avocado. And since it’s finally warm enough to indulge in cold drinks, try complimenting your meal with one of their spring-themed smoothies or, my personal favorite, a thick chocolate milkshake.

On the other hand, for those of you who don’t venture to central campus overly often, I suggest you try out the Ivy Room salad bar before graduating or escaping for the long summer break. Unlike other places, there is one set price for the salad and you can add however many toppings you’d like, including any and all types of meats and cheeses. As well, they offer all sorts of berries, nuts, olives and egg. What keeps me coming back is their generosity as they fill the container to the brim, topping it with any and all combinations of their rich and creamy dressings (or if you really prefer, light oil and vinegar). Every Tuesday and Thursday I enjoy romaine lettuce with egg, mozzarella, cheddar, turkey, tomatoes, mushrooms, two types of olives and a bunch of ranch dressing. The nice man behind the counter continually gives this concoction a thumbs-up and I can guarantee so will you!

So if you’re in the final stages of senior year as well, keep heading to those long-time favorite restaurants, but spring into the new chapter of your life by maybe making your order a little less predictable.

Original Author: Danielle Diniz