April 11, 2013

The Blonde and the Peeper

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Late last night, someone in Collegetown posted this gem on Cornell University Confessions: “I live in CollegeTown, and I can see a girl undress herself right now. I feel like a creep, but it’s not like I can wave at her to make clear that I can see her. At the same time, I also can’t stop looking… hopefully she reads this, so she can close her blinds next time. Yes you, hot blonde.”

Normally, this would have probably been “liked” by a few people and soon forgotten about. Except, someone claiming to be the “hot blonde” responded:

“Person who watched the blonde through your window…where do you live? I think that’s me…”

The posts from Cornell students came rolling in, and even the administrator, who stayed up to live stream the conversation, got involved. Apparently, over 300 people were reading the page last night, eagerly awaiting the next love note exchanged between the two anonymous people. The posts get a bit confusing, but the gist of the conversation between the two was that they attempted to prove to each other that it was in fact them by flickering apartment lights and holding up signs. Unfortunately, it was too dark to tell whether or not they had the right girl. Either that, or someone was trolling. After agreeing to meet, the girl decided that it would be best to do it at noon outside her apartment today much to the readers’ chagrin. Yes, that is in 10 minutes. And yes, we will be refreshing the Cornell University Confessions page with bated breath like all of you.

You can find the entire conversation here.

Tell us what you think about this modern-day love story: creepy or romantic?

Update: We put the latest version of the post compilation, created by Saketh Are ’16, in the link provided above, which includes this morning’s updates.

Original Author: Sun Staff