April 18, 2013

Cornell Student Trustee Candidates Dance, Rap for Your Vote

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It’s Student Trustee season, and candidates are dancing and rapping their ways to your vote in what appears to have become a campaign staple: the music video. Here, The Sun compiles some of the music videos that have been published for your viewing (and listening) pleasure. What’s a trustee without moves, anyway?

Veronica Dagostino ’15: Veronica for Student Trustee

Ross Gitlin ’15: Jump On It

Garrison Lovely ’16: Isn’t He Lovely?

Don Muir ’15: Gonna Be Trustee

Read about the other Student-Elected Trustee candidates — Laci Taylor ’16, Amy Frieder ’15 and Gregory Zalevsky ’15 — here.

Original Author: Akane Otani