April 22, 2013

iPhone 5: Teleportation from the App [Third] World to the App [Super] Store

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Attention: In addition to Apple fanboys, recent BlackBerry converters are masked behind many of the (astonishingly sexy) iPhone 5s roaming the streets.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How did these people survive so long in the past? Does this mean they don’t have an Instagram account? Have they still been paying for things with hard cash and plastic credit cards? And the even more pressing question: how many BBM contacts did they have left?

If you ask me, I actually feel a sense of pity. They’re like cavemen entering an episode of the Jetsons. That said…

6 Apps for Your Friend who Just Joined the Present (switched over from a Blackberry)

Let this be the kick-off post of my “6 apps for _______” series. Stay tuned for more catered lists. In the trend of Freemium models and in respect to Apple (AAPL) dropping below $400, all apps will be free.

Now may the force (namely the App Store) be with you.

Original Author: Morgan Beller