April 23, 2013

Much to Do With Matzah

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Although Passover’s long passed, if you are in any way like me and knew that just one box of matzah was in no way going to sustain you for the whole eight days, you may have indulged in buying a five-pound box. Yes, five pounds of unleavened bread still sits upon my counter. Now, weeks later and on the verge of graduating, I’m left with an obscene amount of these plain, flat crackers and so have decided to put a pause on studying and get creative in the kitchen. Even if you’re not Jewish, it’s a fun food to play with. Here are some options with how to prepare it:


A fantastic snack is matzah smothered in margarine; yes, specifically margarine, not butter. The smooth, even texture and saltiness (which is a little less harsh than butter’s) make a difference when munching. If that’s a little too much of one taste however, layering thin pieces of American cheese across the top will fix everything. Chase it all down from some Kedem grape juice and you’ve got yourself a seder away from seder.

Soup-er soaker

Any kind of soup could use a cracker and this is a great thing to crumble up and throw in the bowl. Whether chicken soup or even egg drop, it adds the slightest bit more substance and even perhaps a little crunch.

Chip it and dip it

Break it into bite size pieces and use it to scoop. Whether taking up some beans with melted cheddar on top, onion dip or Tostito’s mild cheese by itself, it’s an easy and slightly healthier option of a chip.

So many sandwiches

You can make any sort of sandwich imaginable on this surface. There’s the classic pb&j or you can make many with an open face: you can stack pepperoni, avocado and brie, or have a nice turkey brie and mayo combo or, if you really want to be sacrilegious, a tall b.l.t, again, with a generous mayo spread underneath.

There are a myriad of other things you can do whether through baking it into cakes or casseroles or smothering it in meats, cheeses and sauces, but there’s no doubt all that extra doesn’t need to go to waste. Sit back, relax and realize that matzah is now a must-have for your study week diet.

Original Author: Danielle Diniz