August 8, 2013

Roundup: Crime Around Cornell (Aug. 5 – 8)

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Multiple thefts were reported this week, including that of a leather bench and an oak table from a campus building. This week around Cornell:

Where’s my fanny pack?

A Cornell staff member told campus police his or her fanny pack was stolen from an unsecured vehicle in the High Volt Lab parking lot last week.

Books swiped from ILR

Eight research books worth $100 were stolen from a display case in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, campus police reported Tuesday.

Leather bench and oak table stolen from Physical Sciences Building

$4,292 in furniture — including a leather bench, cushion, back rest and oak table — were stolen from the Physical Sciences Building’s Clark Atrium, campus police reported Friday morning.

Trouble in the dorms

Three individuals in Hans Bethe House were reported for criminal mischief and possession of a weapon at 6:19 p.m. Tuesday. They have been referred to the Judicial Administrator.

Trespasser on campus property

An individual trespassing on Cornell property at 12:55 p.m. Tuesday was issued a persona-non-grata, an order to stay away from campus, and released by campus police.

Cats found in gorge

Deceased cats were found in Cascadilla Gorge near Oak Avenue, campus police reported Monday morning. Police described the incident as animal cruelty.

Original Author: Akane Otani