August 22, 2013

Fashion Friday: Let’s Get O-Week Chic

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…And we’re back! I’M back! Excuse my (rare) show of enthusiasm, but, as you recall, because I know you read my articles religiously (or else), I transferred from NYU to Cornell last fall, so this is the first new school year I’m actually returning to the same school. Okay, not that big a deal, but don’t rain on my parade. It’s the little things.

The best part about returning to Cornell is that I’ve already been through the culture shock I experienced last year. I get that people wear sweatshirts and, like, sneakers, even if I don’t agree with such fashion choices. See, freshmen, I know you’ve gone back-to-school shopping, maxed out mommy and daddy’s Discover cards in the hopes of debuting fierce new fashion — a fierce new YOU — as you begin college. And I admire that! However, I’m here to give you a few tips to stylishly steer you through the (crazy fun) obstacle that is O-week, because I do not want to see your new stilettos annihilated in a frat annex, or your beautiful leather jacket liquidated by Keystone light (…ew).

1. Keep it casual: Now, I am always in favor of dressing up, but some people here keep it REALLY casual, even at parties. You do not want to be the girl remembered for wearing a borderline ball gown to a dirty and deteriorating Collegetown house during an O-week party. Stick to jeans or shorts with a cute top for the first night or two until you get a sense of the scene you like. Then, feel free to up your dress level if you feel it’s appropriate. Also, a cute side-bag (preferably black, because it will go with everything and, well, black is unbeatable in 99% of fashion circumstances) is a must. Choose one that is just big enough to hold your cellphone, wallet, lipstick (if you’re fun) and keys. Do. Not. Forget. Your. Keys.

2. Check the weather: Welcome to Ithaca. It was 50 degrees the second night I went out last year … in August… I have a mobile upload of my iPhone weather app and the brutal memories to prove it. I think I cried a little bit, but I don’t know for sure; I’ve blocked it out. If the weather indicates that it might be cold, there’s literally a chance it could end up snowing (I wish I was kidding), so bring a jean jacket or tie a sweater around your waist — SO 90’s, so chic right now. Just be sure to keep an eye on anything you bring. Collegetown houses and frat annexes are like black holes; you will never get back what you lose at them, dignity included.

3. Lady, not the tramp: I’m all for crazy outfits and short-shorts. It’s still summer after all! Some of you might have tans you want to show off. Hey, if I ever stepped out into the sunlight, I probably would, too, but that’s irrelevant, because I don’t. But when your short-shorts become borderline underwear, there’s a problem. While casual heels or wedges can improve an acceptable outfit, add them to your underwear-shorts and all of the sudden you look like a bad Lifetime college movie (sidenote: those are great to watch as you recover the morning after a party, along with anything from CTB. #NETFLIX). Instead go for jeans and wedges, or shorts with substantial length and flats. Or boots! Boots are going to be your go-to in transitioning outfits from summer to fall, so if you want to start donning them now, go for it. I know I’ll be rocking them all week long.

O-Week is a time to have a blast. You will make many “friends” that you will not remember, get substantial amounts of beer spilled on you, sweat profusely in the cluster that is every Collegetown party (deodorant may be a good purse accessory, too, now that I think about it), and sleep in ‘til noon the next day, resting up for another night of fun. Try your best to dress fashionably, because, even though I’m kind of used to it, seeing sweats at a party is still depressing. And if I see you rocking any fall trends this early, expect a compliment for being on the top of your game. Look good (but act like you didn’t even try), stick with a solid group of girls (partly for safety reasons, but, like, more because it isn’t chic to show up solo this early in the game…kinda bizarre, to be honest) and steer clear of Pixel. Have fun my new freshman fashionistas, and the rest of you have fun, too.

Original Author: Meghan Flynn