August 24, 2013

POLL: Parental Advice for Freshmen

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The Class of 2017 stormed campus on Friday, armed with maps, Big Red Bags, most of the inventory of Bed Bath and Beyond and some advice from their parents. As I moved around North Campus, I witness some tearful goodbyes and, of course, some not-so-tearful ones. But, according to my volunteer survey, many had final words of wisdom to impart on their children who are not very child-like anymore. I I have compiled here some parental advice to impart upon all of you freshmen.

Stay healthy and don’t hesitate to tell us anything.

Be a leader, not a follower.

You’ll do fine, stay focused.

Call us.

Stay safe.

Don’t change.

Health is most important, and that means being clean and eating right.

Don’t go as crazy as I did.

Don’t have too much fun.

Study hard.

Don’t play with your hair all day.

Original Author: Sophie Allen