September 3, 2013

Arts Around Ithaca | Week of September 2

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Stand-Up Showcase: September 2nd to September 8th at Risley Theatre —

Cake-bakers and candle-makers everywhere undoubtedly quivered with excitement when they learned that this year marks Risley’s 100th anniversary. Unsurprisingly, Risley Theatre’s commitment to the Arts is as strong as ever: its Fall 2013 season features “nine unique performances … including some produced by other student groups at Cornell and the Ithaca community.” Up first is Risley’s Stand-Up comedy showcase. Featuring performances by up-and-coming talents from all over Cornell, the Showcase will hopefully prove, once and for all, that Cornell’s unique blend of misery and stress can breed some level of humor. — Sam Bromer

Fanclub Collective Presents: Lord Scrummage, 100% Black, Jack Topht, Dixie Lou and the Realbads, this Saturday at Watermargin —

This Saturday at Watermargin Cooperative, The Fanclub Collective, Ithaca’s premier collective of fans, will present, for your visual and aural pleasure, four bands that you’ve probably never heard of. With its ear to the ground — under which presumably lies a group of eclectic, experimental musical acts — Fanclub Collective consistently manages to bring in off-the-wall talent. This Thursday expect rap, honey, krautrock, country and surprises.  – Sam Bromer

Cascade of Keys, Running Friday to Sunday at multiple locations —

From jazz standards to medieval preludes, the piano (and its many relatives) can — with the right set of hands — be applied to just about any genre. This week, Cornell’s Department of Music will present a series of events that highlight the beauty of this instrument, and reveal the extent of its musical possibilities. WIth performances by some of the world’s most well-regarded virtuosos, there’s absolutely no reason you should miss these events. Oh, and one more thing: It’s free. — Sam Bromer

Original Author: Sun Staff