September 15, 2013

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: An Update on Our Website

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As many of you surely noticed, The Sun’s website was offline for the past week following unresolvable maintenance issues. Although we were operating from a temporary address in order to continue to push new content to our readers, some of you had difficulty accessing that site — or worse, gave up on trying. As we continuously strive to provide the Cornell and Ithaca communities the latest and most relevant news and perspectives, it has pained us to fall short of our readers’ expectations.

Fortunately, we are now back online at, where readers will be able to access all of our current content as soon as it is posted. Our staff is working tirelessly to restore every function from the previous site, including transferring over all past articles. Please understand that the new site is incomplete, and that this transition will take some time. Despite recent stumbles, these changes — which are being executed with care by our all-student web team — are wholly positive ones. New features are forthcoming this semester that will allow us to push out multimedia elements in more reliable and more integrative ways — including, but certainly not limited to, seamlessly embedded video, audio, slideshows, graphics, reader polls and social media posts.

We apologize for the uncertainty of the past week and for any inconvenience it has caused — particularly to our alumni and other remote readers who are unable to pick up a copy of the print edition. Your continued loyalty and investment in the product we deliver is, of course, what ensures The Sun’s survival as a media outlet. Though tumultuous in the interim, our move to a new site will ultimately enable us to offer our readership a substantially improved online experience.

— R.L.H.