September 17, 2013

Cornell Ranks 17th for Colleges With the Best Professors

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Cornell has made the list on YET ANOTHER ranking.

Although not breaking the top 10, Cornell came in just under the line at No. 17 for Colleges with the Best Professors on a ranking for 2013. Why only the top 17 instead of all of the top 25 were shown we will never know.

But Cornell didn’t even break top 25 last year, according to

Universities like Duke, Vanderbilt, Stanford and WashU litter the top 10, with many public universities — such as Penn State, Michigan, and Wisconsin — taking over top spots, according to the Huffington Post.

Cornell, however, is the only Ivy League school to make the list. is a website that allows students to review faculty, and the ranking was based off of the overall average ratings for professors and the school’s overall ranking.

This ranking has been released following the U.S. News and World Report Ranking, on which Cornell fell one spot to number 16.