October 5, 2013

Fashion Friday: Fall Break Basics

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Finally, fall is officially here. What does this mean to you? Well, I’m sure you’ve already had your fair share of pumpkin spice lattes; perhaps you’ve begun to notice the leaves changing. And, let’s get real, you’re planning your Halloween costumes hardcore (I’ll address this conundrum at a later date). I personally am excited for two things once fall comes around: Hocus Pocus on ABC family (don’t pretend you aren’t obsessed), and — duh — fall fashion. As much as I love (tastefully) showing some skin, I adore being bundled in all the accessories of autumn. If you’re like me, you probably brought a lot of summer clothes for the start of the school year. I mean, like, you don’t wear scarves and argyle socks for O-week, unless you’re bizarre, in which case to each his own. But lucky you! Fall break is the perfect time to stock up on all that is warm, autumnal and, of course, stylish. Whether you’re heading home or staying here, take this time to plan for the upcoming months (or stick to your tank tops when the temperature drops to negative 3,000 degrees in about three weeks — as I said before, to each his own).

1. An autumn coat: As much as it pains me to admit, you’re going to need a heavy, probably hideous winter jacket. No one was more hesitant than I to acquire a parka, but, dear God, you will need it once the winter rolls around. For now, though, investing in a cute coat is the move to make. Go with a patterned pea coat, a shearling lined bomber or something distressed and denim; it all depends on your style. You want to make sure this is warm enough to get you from class to class, but I personally pick my fall coat based on preference as opposed to whether or not it could get me through the arctic, which is kind of what Ithaca will become in a month. I also suggest finding an old, cheap or disliked coat to bring back. Why? Well, you may have noticed by now, the temperature drops at night here — like, a lot. However, bringing a new and nice fall coat to bars isn’t the smartest idea. Having a coat that can get you from frats to Collegetown is a necessity, but it needn’t be nice; trust me, you will regret beer-staining a beautiful coat. So don’t.

2. Sweaters, Scarves and Socks — oh my. Of course, it is important to stock up on layers. A cute and simple circle scarf can actually make a tremendous difference in warmth while spicing up any outfit. Sweaters can make an outfit, too. I personally am a fan of ugly or nostalgic sweaters; don’t ask why, but I jump for a pullover featuring anything from Biggie to bacon and burgers. However, I’m very strange. So to you, I recommend a fisherman or marble sweater in a color that suits you best; it will be your go-to, something that highlights your features even as it engulfs you in warmth. Socks are shadily a great outfit-completer (is that a phrase?) as well. High socks are no longer for Catholic school girls or Britney circa “…Baby One More Time” (classic); they’re totally acceptable with a baby doll dress or circle skirt, and also work to warm your gams. Pair them with boots, booties or oxfords. So ivy-league chic, you smart and stylish girl, you.

3. All the rest: Okay, so in addition to fall necessities, I recommend you take time over break to grab some superfluous swag. Go thrifting! Heck, I thrift through my mom’s closet every chance I get, which can get awkward when she sees Facebook pictures of me wearing her blouse from 1978. You never know what gems you have lying around, or that await you at your local Salvation Army. Also look into obtaining pieces for your Halloween costumes, because nothing’s worse than scrambling for something fashion-related in Ithaca last minute…

Fall break is so necessary for us students; the first month or so back is genuinely rough after a summer sans work or worries. Plus, it’s prelim season (scarier than Halloween). Rest up as best you can, whether you stay here or go back to your own bed for a few days. I personally plan to watch a lot of Netflix and hang out with my dog; I’m a real party girl. Make sure, though, that you’re stylishly smart, even as you rest; taking the time to make my recommended renovations in your wardrobe will allow for an easier, warmer and (fall-y) fashionable rest of the semester.