October 8, 2013

BYRNE: Five Misconceptions About Being Pre-Med

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Last week, in one of my classes that has a lot of pre-med students, we were discussing illness, and the risks we feel when we are sick. My goal when I’m sick is usually to get well; apparently that’s weird. Instead, most students said that their biggest fear about sickness was that they would miss their classes. Guys, that is pretty messed up. It made me really re-evaluate my own priorities. You would think pre-meds would care more about their health but, as it turns out, this is just one of the many misconceptions about the pre-med breed. In case you’re curious, here are some more:

As a pre-med, I fully recognize the weird pride we have in behaviors such as not sleeping, spending a whole night doing a lab report, taking 35 credits in one semester, staying home on a Friday to do work, etc. But I am trying to say that being pre-med is not as all-consumingly important as it sometimes seems. Get ready for a big shock: There is a world out there full of many people who are successful and who are not doctors. Calm down, I know it’s hard to digest.