October 9, 2013


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Sports Editor and 10 Questions Columnist Haley Velasco sat down with senior offensive linebacker Tre’ Minor to talk about everything from jambalaya to Ke$ha.

1. You are a senior on the football team. What has Cornell football meant to you over the last four years?

Cornell football has been a great experience for me. Over the last few years, I feel like I have given so much. I have played with a lot of people and met a lot of people. I feel like Cornell football has been like a family to me. The coaches, the players and everyone that I have met is a family.

2. You are from South Carolina. What’s your favorite thing from home?

I just love my mom’s cooking. I can’t even pretend like that’s not the best thing. I like to cook myself and my dad used to have his own restaurant. So when I go home, there is like so much food everywhere; I just eat. It’s amazing.

Do you have a favorite thing that she makes?

Everything. Both my parents can cook very well. When they come up here, they cook.

What are you known for cooking?

I cook jambalaya a lot.

3. You are the middle child in the family. Can you talk about your sisters and growing up?

It’s actually not as crazy as you would think it is. My older sister and I are really close, and she has been my best friend every since I was a little kid. And my little sister came in and she is the exact clone of my older sister. She is five years younger than me and seven years younger than her. I miss them all the time. But I talk to them all the time. We have an ongoing group message and we just talk.

4. Tell us about your nicknames. What do the other guys call you?

Well, Brett [Buehler] actually has the weirdest nickname for me ever. Brett calls me Jermaine. And I have no idea where Jermaine comes from in my name, but you know, Brett calls me Jermaine.

5. If we were to open your before-the-game playlist, what would we find?

It’s a lot of stuff right now. I listen to “Versace” by Drake. I listen to Kid Ink. Whatever it is, it’s loud.

So that’s a must?

It has to be loud — and iTunes radio recently since iOS 7 just came out. It’s amazing, and I just put on the hip-hop station and jump around.

The question is, are you a Ke$ha fan?

I listen to Ke$ha every once in a while. I didn’t go to the concert because we have football on Sundays.

No glitter for you guys?

Glitter is pretty cool every once in a while. Not on me. But on other people.

6. Where’s your favorite place to eat on campus?

I love Synapsis. Synapsis is amazing.

What do you get at Synapsis?

I get smoothies. I get the pizza. Synapsis smoothies are delicious.

7. If you could trade places and be on any women’s athletic team at Cornell, which one would you choose?

I want to say [ice] hockey, because they are sweet and they always win. They are amazing. The women’s track team is also great.

Do you think that you could keep up with them?

Not if I was a girl. I am kind of fast for a boy, but I am not that fast. They are really fast.

Maybe some field hockey?

I could see myself playing some field hockey.

What about field hockey appeals to you?

It’s on turf and that kind of relates to football.

8. If you could pick anyone to be your last Slope Day act, who would it be?

I feel like everyone would have an amazing time if we got 50 Cent. Everybody loves 50.

9. After this, what are your plans professionally?

I am thinking of going to grad school. I want to make prosthetic limbs — like knee replacements and hip replacements and that kind of stuff.

What spurred that interest?

My godfather at home owns his own prosthetic company, so he knows a lot of people. I shadowed him as a youngster and I kind of feel in love with it ever since.

10. You have seven games left as a part of Cornell football, what does that feel like? Are you getting a bit sentimental?

Not yet. I am trying not to think about it but it’s like an ongoing countdown. I think I have like 52 days left. It’s crazy. It means so much to me to be able to play here and everything is so special. Senior Night is going to be amazing and the last game will be more special. That countdown feels like it is going so fast and school is going so fast. I can’t even imagine that it’s going to be over.