October 15, 2013

Cornell Professor Honored by White House for arXiv

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By Amit Blumfield

Public sharing of research is fundamental to the advancement of science. Prof. Paul Ginsparg Ph.D. ’81, information science and physics, took this to heart when he developed a public research sharing archive, known as arXiv.

For his service to the scientific community, Ginsparg, along with 12 others, was honored by the White House as a champion of change, according to the White House. This honor is reserved for those who advocate free public sharing of text.

“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas,” Ginsparg said.

Courtesy of Prof. Paul GinspargSharing science | Prof. Paul Ginsparg ’81, information science and physics, was honored by the White House for his creation of arXiv.org, a free, public, research-sharing archive.