October 18, 2013

FASHION FRIDAY: How to Win This Halloween

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There’s something so warm and comforting about the holiday season, isn’t there? It’s a time of innocence, a time to be with loved ones, a time to reflect… However, before we reach Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas morning or any of the days of Hanukkah, we’ve got one slightly less quaint (but way more fun) holiday to celebrate: HALLOWEEN!

As with any holiday, preparation and celebration differs from person to person. Perhaps you have been carving pumpkins with your roommates (I haven’t because I don’t do “messy,” but I digress); maybe you’ve been tuning in to ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween (again, I haven’t, because I don’t have cable #struggles). I’m positive, though, that all of you have been thinking about what you’re going to be, what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to look. And, since this is girl world, I’m sure most of you are going for more of a Regina-look than a Cady-weird-corpse-bride-ensemble. Yeah, I don’t blame you. Lucky for you, all my little Regina-wannabes, I’m here to help you create a killer costume (or five).

1. The stereotypical-sexy look: OK, since 99% of you are probably looking to just, well, look hot come Halloween, I might as well give you some options that don’t involve bunny ears. If I were going to be some sexualized version of an animal, I’d probably pick a cat; I only wear black anyway, cat ears are kind of cute and I could blame my antisocial tendencies on my costume. However, because being an “animal” (cue: “I’m a mouse — duh!”) is a pretty tired concept, do something to make your look fresh. Be a sexy pig or cow! This way, you seem really funny and original, but also get to make disgusting farm animals look kind of hot. You go girl. The same goes for anything sexy and human. Please no sexy stewardesses! Instead, I dare you to be a hot postal worker or lunch lady. Again, you’re funny and unexpectedly making not-so-glamorous “occupations” into something sexy. Ugh, you’re nailing it.

2. Celebrities: If you wanna jump on the Miley bandwagon and rock her VMAs leotard or something, be my guest; just be aware that you’re going to be one in a million (though I will admit the “Wrecking Ball” look would be, like, really easy. Hammer+white tank+white boyshorts). The same goes for Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn a la “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” as much as this pains me to admit. This is the downside to dressing like a celebrity: you’re either really conventional (Marilyn) or you’re someone half the party’s never heard of. Picking a movie character is probably a better bet. Sure, you could be Angelina and hold, like, thirty baby dolls, but why not be Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) instead? All you have to do is rock a braid, cargo pants, a white tank and a bad-ass attitude. Or be Romy and Michele with your bff and rock those deliciously tacky mini-dresses and stilettos they wear at their high school reunion. This is a totally fun costume route to choose: it’s inexplicably so fun to channel (and really commit to looking like) your fave feature film female.

3. Couples/Groups: As a single girl, I’m always overjoyed to give tips to couples on how to look even cuter together. Mhm. Bitterness aside, though, I think couple costumes are really fun. Who doesn’t love the lovebirds dressed as Salt and Pepper, or Ketchup and Mustard? How picture-perfect are the pair rocking the Bonnie and Clyde look? Or even the Bonnie and Clyde ‘03 look (shoutout to HOV and B)? If you really commit to your couple costume, whether you choose to be funny and corny or, like, some famous duo from film or history, you guys will look really cute, and not obnoxious. As for groups, anything from the (sexy?) seven dwarves to three blind mice to the Plastics is acceptable to me. I’m all for girl-group power.

I’ve given you an abundance of choices — some sexy, some weird and many a combination of the two. And you don’t need to just pick one theme or look! The great thing about college is that Halloween is celebrated for an absurd number of nights. Therefore, rock a totally hot look one night, and the next dress as something no sexier than Spongebob. Have fun with this silly holiday, but make sure you always feel good in what you’re wearing; you’ll look better, too. I hope you all achieve default-worthy looks, because, let’s face it, the pictures you take on Halloween can either be a hit, or can legit haunt you for years to come (boooooo)……