October 21, 2013

Remix of the Week: Ambiguous Remixes

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I used to be what one might call a “remix traditionalist.” According to this school of thought (that I just made up), a remix should follow the formula “Song Name (Producer Remix)” by Original Artist. Remixes are distinct from edits and covers (ugh I hate when #basicbitches call covers remixes). But how much of an original song needs to be incorporated to deem a new version a remix? Where do we draw the line between a producer that samples versus one that remixes?

The past two weeks of extreme stress, LD50 caffeine intake and sleep deprivation have left me feeling a bit philosophical. I guess I’ve been trying to answer an eternal question of the universe: what is a remix? Below are four of my favorite songs right now. I flip back and forth in considering them remixes; they heavily incorporate very recognizable samples, but depending on my mood I may see them as remixes. However, take a listen and decide for yourself if they just sample the original or are true remixes.