October 22, 2013

BYRNE: Five Intro Classes More Helpful Than a Freshman Writing Seminar

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When I think about my freshman experience, I have to say that in the beginning, I didn’t know anything. This is probably a common state for incoming freshmen; it’s hard to know things about a place where you have just arrived. That’s what O-Week is for, right? In my personal experience, wrong. I met my orientation leader once, then never saw him again. And no matter how many times I was forced to play Two Truths and Lie with the people on my floor, I still didn’t become friends with any of them until we were all drunk enough to tolerate each other. So, I thought of a few info sessions / courses that I would have appreciated as a freshman, as well as some that I would appreciate if some of those around me would take.

When you think about it, Cornell is a relatively small, focused community. While there may not be a typical Cornellian, there are definitely at least some basic standards of intellect. All I’m asking here is for a little bit of standardization. I have a dream, that I will one day live on a campus where I don’t get emails about people wanting to leave list-servs, where no one stands between the salad and sandwich lines at Terrace, and where I won’t know strangers’ deepest, darkest secrets. Together, we can achieve that world.