October 22, 2013

Cornell Warns Students of Person Posing as Maintenance Technician

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A person tried to enter a residential property by posing as a maintenance technician and claiming the landlord had sent him to inspect the furnace, Cornell officials warned students Tuesday.

The incident occurred Monday, according to an email the Office of Fraternities, Sororities & Independent Living sent to students.

“The tenants did the right thing: they asked questions and followed up with the landlord.  The landlord confirmed he had not sent anyone out to complete work on the furnace and the tenants called the police,” the email said.

The University warned students to verify the identity of people who knock on their doors before letting them enter their houses. Even if students are told ahead of time by landlords that someone will be by to inspect equipment in the property, they should exercise precaution by calling their landlords, requesting photo identification or a driver’s license and watching the person as he or she works in the house.

Additionally, students should try to keep their doors and windows locked, report suspicious behavior to police and remember to “never … put yourself or others in danger,” the email said.