October 22, 2013

OVERHEARD: Hangovers, Monsoons and Dudes

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– Libe Cafe

Do you even go here?

“I’m just glad I brought my umbrella and finally got to use it!”

-Ag Quad

“The Seal Goes Ow Ow Ow”

“You guys can all hook up with him; I’ll rub his feet. That’s how I’ll share him.”


Don’t Drop the Soap

“Some of the best conversations I’ve had were with a guy in a group shower.”


I Hate College

“Does Asher Roth have a new album? What’s it called, I love… grad school? I love real life?”

-Libe Cafe

Happy 21st

“All I heard at 1:30 am was ‘why’d you give ME the Barton’s???’”



“Why is that tower playing random songs?”

-Ho Plaza