October 22, 2013

President Skorton Paid Smallest Salary of Ivy Presidents, Report Says

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Amid a climate of rising student tuition and calls for more accountability in University financing, the salaries of university presidents have become a topic of particular scrutiny. In an analysis of university presidents’ compensation for 2010, however, President David Skorton ranked last among Ivy League presidents.

According to a Dec. 2012 article published by The Chronicle of Higher Education, a 2010 analysis revealed that 36 private college presidents earned more than $1 million that year — a figure that represented a 3.1 percent increase in salaries from the previous year.

The highest-paid president among Ivy League universities was Lee C. Bollinger of Columbia University, who was compensated $1,932,931 in 2010. Meanwhile, Cornell President David J. Skorton ranked last in presidential salaries out of the eight Ivy League schools, with a total compensation of $854,082 that year.

Matt Munsey / Sun Staff Photographer