October 22, 2013

The Science of Selling Wine

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When it comes to the best-selling wines, one might expect those with the best aromas or those that are the oldest will sell quickly. However, studies led by Prof. Miguel Gomez, applied economics and management, have shown that aromas and years are not the only aspects that drive consumerism of wine.

Gomez’ research team designed two studies to reveal which types of wines consumers want.

According to Gomez, the studies gauged customer satisfaction through surveying consumers in tasting rooms across New York. These surveys covered everything from signage to parking lot appearance.

Gomez found that it was not necessarily the quality of wine that intrigued customers, but the service level and environment of the tasting room. According to Gomez, a nice view out of a window, as well as the knowledge and friendliness of the server, are the key precursors to a satisfied customer.

Courtesy of Prof. Anna MansfieldWine and windows | Prof. Miguel Gomez found that a window with a nice view in a tasting room is better for selling wine than a dark tasting room. He also found that consumers prefer information on aroma and color to information on rating or year when buying wine.