October 23, 2013

Cornell Music Professor Becomes ‘Google Glass Explorer’

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For the last couple months, Prof. Cynthia Johnston Turner, music, has sported a $1,500 accessory everywhere from GreenStar Cooperative Market to Lincoln Hall: Google Glass.

The professor and director of C.U. Winds won a contest sponsored by Google this summer to become one of 8,000 “Google Glass Explorers” testing out the product. Part camera, touchpad and microphone, the augmented-reality glasses — still in beta stage — have allowed Turner to see “an 110-percent improvement” in how she teaches students to conduct, she said.

“When I first got it, I thought, ‘Wow … I don’t even know if I want to put it on,’” Turner said at an event at Balch Hall Wednesday evening. “But this semester, I’ve been able to give students immediate feedback on their conducting with Google Glass, and that alone has been fanstastic.”

Prof. Cynthia Johnston Turner, music, demonstrates Google Glass at an event Wednesday.(Livestream courtesy of Cornell University)