November 6, 2013

Ten Questions With Emily Shearer

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Sports Editor and 10 Questions columnist Haley Velasco sat down with senior cross country captain Emmy Shearer to discuss her backpacking trips, her home-cooked California meals and her impressive double major.

1. You are a senior captain on the cross country and track and field team. What has that meant to you over the last four years?

Honestly, it’s hard to describe. I think that running, athletics in general, is more of a lifestyle than an extracurricular. My team is my family and running and working out is a daily given for us. We don’t think about it. It has been a huge part of my time but more so, the opportunities that I have had here have meant a lot to me in terms of representing Big Red in terms of other competitive teams, [and] traveling places with my teammates all over the East coast and being able to have that competitive edge that I won’t be able to have once I graduate.

2. Does your team have a special road trip food?

I think that bananas and peanut butter are a staple. Apples and peanut butter too. The usual.

Connor Archard / Senior PhotographerSenior captain of the cross country team, Emmy Shearer, hails from the Golden State, and always knows she is home when she smells her mother’s cooking.