November 10, 2013

Business Insider Ranks Cornell Professors

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Everyone knows that Cornell students are the cream of the crop — we’ve got awesome personalities and brains to match. Our coolness is widely known, but I think it’s only fair that our professors also get some recognition. As much as we like to complain about our schoolwork, there are so many great professors who do a killer job at preparing us for the real world.

On November 7, Business Insider published a list of Cornell’s top 10 professors based upon student rankings of their clarity and helpfulness:

#1 Christina Homrighouse, Industrial and Labor Relations

#2 Farhan Rana, Engineering

#3 Dagmawi Woubshet, English

#4 Gerald Feigenson, Biochemistry

#5 Evan Cooch, Natural Resources

#6 Bruce Monger, Science

#7 Eric Tagliacozzo, History

#8 Ted Sider, Philosophy

#9 Harry Greene, Biology

#10 Michael Stillman, Mathematics

The noticeable pattern among the reviews for each professor is student praise of the professors’ fairness. Even when a student notes that the professor’s classes are not per se easy, the student follows up saying that the class is incredibly interesting, the professor is funny or there is reasonable grading.

Perhaps we Cornellians are more like our professors than we realize. Professors here are smart and charismatic, just like the students they teach!