November 11, 2013

The Flaming Lips Light Up Barton

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On tour promoting their latest EP, The Flaming Lips returned to Barton Hall Sunday night for a reprise of their legendary, on-campus performance in 2010. The show was opened by Lighting Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale’s new project, Black Pus, which began the night with a set of flashy, free-form and pretty trippily chaotic drum and bass-fueled stylings.

The Barton Hall audience started out pretty low-key and surprisingly sparse, but filled in quickly while the Lips’ insane stage set-up was put together over the course of a half hour. The delay was met by some audience restlessness — many let out hopeful whoops every time a single light bulb was dimmed or lighted — but the reason for the wait soon became obvious.

Shailee Shah / Sun Photography EditorSunday, November 10 2013