November 13, 2013

Cornell Employee Accused of Defaming Ex-Boyfriend in Anonymous Blog Posts

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A Cornell staff member has been slapped with a $1.25-million defamation lawsuit accusing her of posting numerous posts online about a man she had previously dated, including one that said he has “a micro penis,” the New York Daily News reported.

Louise Silberling, an editorial associate for the Philosophical Review, a quarterly journal edited by the faculty of Cornell’s Sage School of Philosophy, reportedly met New York City architect John Wender online in March 2011 and went on three dates with him, according to the Daily News.

Wender is charging that Silberling wrote anonymous posts on the Internet on sites titled “Truth About John Wender” and “John Wender, Liar,” a year after they broke up, according to the Daily News.

The most recent post on “Truth About John Wender,” dated Oct. 8 and written as if Wender authored it, calls him a “sociopath” as well as “a freight train of destruction.” The post also alleges he cheated on his wife and had a child by one of the women he cheated on her with.

“In short, the twisted inner landscape of my mind is immoral and without any conscience,” the post reads. “I have a predisposition for emotional callousness.”

Some of the posts go into explicit detail about Wender’s alleged sexual preferences, including “daddy/daughter scenarios,” “water sports” and strangulation.

Although Silberling declined to comment to The Sun, she told the Daily News, “Any allegations against me would be bogus.” The University declined to comment on this story.