November 21, 2013

LETTER: Another semester gone

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To the Editor:

At the beginning of the semester , for shits and giggles, we started to keep a stack of Suns on a coffee table in our crummy living room in Collegetown.  One by one ,the stack has grown with each issue as we never overlook the feat that the Sun is there to pick up five mornings a week.  The dissection of each paper as a conversation starter about the day’s events has become somewhat of a ritual in our lives as seniors.  As sad as that may sound, it has been a good call on our parts and we honestly feel we are more informed Cornellians because of it.

Like most semesters, Fall 2013 has been a good one. From following our sports teams fail on and off the field (2-7, the keg race, Cinco de Octubre), to being completely dumbfounded by Mr. Gnu and Johnny Woodruff’s tits, to trying to find any salient take away from the opinion columns, the Sun never ceases to entertain, enlighten and anger.

As avid readers, we’d like to thank the Sun’s writers and staff for the countless moments of bemused laughter (Donny J’s sex puns) and warranted head shakes (Touchdown the Bear) that you got out of us. And also for teaching us the lesson that if we want free ad space we just have to be white, racist, pedophilic, polygamists looking for a nymph squad of real Eva Brauns. You saved that kook $70.40 on ads — good work! That said, when most of the ads are for the paper we’re already reading, we suppose the loss isn’t that great.

Anyhow, we thought we’d share our genuine gratitude. What another great semester, as reported by the Sun.  We look forward to the spring issues. The Sun never disappoints to disappoint us.  But seriously though, keep them coming.

P.S. Food for thought: Cornell destroyed $200k of horse semen — issue: Vol. 130, No.51, pg. 3.

P.P.S.  if you happened to notice a lack of references to a certain section, well, no one reads the Arts Section — not even us.


Your biggest fans

Gerrit and Peter