January 28, 2014

Ithaca Issues Apology Over Trash Tag Policy

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The City of Ithaca issued an apology on its Facebook page Monday regarding the City’s sudden increase in trash tag fees. According to the post, residents are now expected to use more expensive new orange tags rather than the current purple tags.

“The City of Ithaca would like to apologize to our residents regarding the lack of adequate notification regarding an increase in trash tag fees,” the post said. “In response, Mayor Myrick [’09] has extended the City’s trash tag program changes.”

The extension of the use of purple tags will last until Feb. 15. Effective Feb. 17, customers will need to buy orange tags for $3.75 per tag, though unused purple tags can be refunded at the City Chamberlain’s Office. According to the City, tags are valid for trash cans and bags weighing up to 35 pounds.