February 18, 2014

Professor Finds More Sedentary Lifestyle Leads to Risk of Early Death

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What are you doing right now, as you’re reading this article? Probably sitting, right? You may want to get up and move around for a bit — a recent study led by Prof. Rebecca Seguin, nutritional sciences, shows that sitting for too long may be dangerous to your health.

The study tracked the activity patterns of a diverse group of 93,000 postmenopausal women for 12 years, according to Seguin. During this time, researchers recorded the amount of time the women spent sitting and lying down, but not sleeping.

The results indicated that women with the greatest levels of sedentary time — the highest group at 11 or more hours per day — tended to die at earlier ages.

Aditya Bapna / Sun Staff PhotographerRisky business | According to Prof. Rebecca Seguin, nutritional sciences, spending more than 11 hours a day sitting, whether it be studying, working or web surfing leads to an increased risk of a premature death.