February 21, 2014

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT | The Tonight Show, Sochi Jokes and Black History Month

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Premiere week for The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon. Sochi jokes. Black History Month. Here are some highlights from this week in late night television.

1. Brian Williams feat. Lester Holt: “Rapper’s Delight” – The Tonight Show

Anyone familiar with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon knows this is not the first time they have edited Brian Williams to rap, but, ladies and gentleman, this one is hands down the best. Going through one year’s worth of NBC’s Nightly News, this smooth edit is sure to impress.

2. “Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing” feat. Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon – The Tonight Show

Quick secret: I love Jimmy Fallon. Look, it’s his premiere week; he has to pull out all the stops. And he didn’t fail to make part of his show viral on opening night. Here he is going through hip hop dance with a surprise nod to The Fresh Prince for our nostalgia-ridden lives.

3. “Unjustified — Michael Dunn and Jordan Davies” – The Daily Show

This is “the cherry on top of the shit sundae that is Black History Month.” Jessica Williams has great delivery and is funny as always, but her observations ring a little too true in our “post-racial” America.

4. “Sport Report — From Russia with Love (But No Gay Stuff) — Buddy Cole” – The Colbert Report

Gay propaganda penetrates the Russian landscape…

5. “Robot Dances Gangnam Style” — The Graham Norton Show

If you’re not familiar with Graham that means you don’t watch BBC America on Saturday nights which is a damn shame and you should probably fix that. Anyways, I’m sure everyone will put this robot on their wishlist. Just wait til the end.

Alright, that’s it folks. Tune in next week for more funny videos from me, your late night spiritual guide!