February 26, 2014

LETTER: Sex is not a game

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To the Editor:

Donny J, columnist for The Cornell Daily Sun, promotes questionable behavior that objectifies women by measuring their worth in numbers. He has made sex a game in his column.

His points system in his Oct. 2 piece, “Kneel or No Kneel,” encourages predatory and manipulative sexual behavior, such as hooking up with a “grenade.” On the other hand, he penalizes cock blocking, something that can be used to protect individuals from the dangerous behavior he incentivizes. These misogynistic acts, coupled with sleazy lines like, “There are times when I feel like an IKEA salesman, because I believe no bedroom is complete without one-night stand,” are disgusting.

Not only does Donny J’s language promote behavior that is dangerous and incredibly rude to women, but he is also a misrepresentation of the upstanding college men on campus that engage in healthy sex lives. Our campus actively supports education on consent and healthy relationships through programs like SpeakAboutIt, ConsentEd, Wingman and the Every1 Campaign. Donny J’s column completely reverses the positive movement of these programs and allows students who read The Sun to think that those behaviors and games are acceptable.

We aren’t saying that the removal and replacement of Donny J will change the viewpoint of every student on campus. Changing culture is a slow process with many hurdles. Womanizing is inexcusable and we should continue to create a community that defies rape culture.

What may be entertaining to some people is offensive and backward thinking to most. Why do we accept this? We are putting Donny J on a pedestal. A sex column can be enriching, funny and entertaining without degrading human beings. To the writer behind Donny J, you have not used your column wisely. It’s about time that Donny J’s inkwell went dry.

To the esteemed Editor of The Cornell Daily Sun, the nation’s best college newspaper; we say take a stand against Donny J’s behavior. Hire someone who treats women with respect.

Drew Endick, Big Red Banter

Juliana Batista, Student Assembly Women’s Liaison Representative