March 2, 2014


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This weekend marked the transition to the 132nd board, as a new set of editors stepped foot into The Sun’s office at 139 W. State St. We intend to take on the daily challenges and celebrate our successes, while documenting your daily lives as members of our community.

The board that served before us amped up our multimedia presence through our new website. They made strides to expand the content in our daily newspaper, and they encouraged feedback within the organization to better serve our readers. The 132nd board looks forward to pushing The Sun more than ever before. We plan to expand our social media presence to additional platforms and to continue to engage you through new additions to our website. We hope to foster continued collaboration between our staff and the Cornell community through our ongoing commitment to open communication.

Although The Sun is continuously changing, our mission is still the same. I am honored to have some of the brightest Cornellians alongside me as we propel our organization further.

We will continue to provide valuable coverage to our readers on a daily basis. While we cannot say that some of the issues that we cover will not face criticism, we are sure that we will make each and every decision to best serve you, our readers.

I hope to hear from many of you during my term as Editor in Chief, and I encourage interested parties to reach out to me at [email protected].

— H.A.V.