March 11, 2014

BETTER LIVING | Do Now, Benefit Later

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February. Blink, it’s March. Spring is around the corner and the long, dreary, cold Ithaca days are soon coming to an end. Can the semester really be almost halfway over? These sunny days are guaranteed to cure any seasonable depression that has settled in the last few months, but to ensure that our transition into spring is smooth as can be, there are a few actions we should take now. With spring break less than three weeks away, we need to focus now in order to gain all the benefits later.

For one, forgo the drunk eating. There is literally no point. No matter how great it tastes in the moment, you nearly always regret it in the morning. If there is one thing you can realistically give up for Lent, it should be that. That greasy CTP slice, the CTB bagel, Louie’s, Nasty’s, whatever it may be, if you wouldn’t normally put that into your body, your drunkenness is not an excuse to carb-load between the hours of 12 a.m. and 2 a.m.

Second, know that there is no shame in self-tanner. Seriously, if you plan on heading to the beach later this month and can proudly say you have never been paler in your life, there are numerous brands you can test out, and they will make a difference. You do not want to be that unfortunate kid who turns into a lobster the first day and has to spend the rest of vacation under an umbrella with a T-shirt on. While a little Vitamin D is great for you, the sun does have many harmful effects that many of us young adults fail to think about. Again, though golden skin may look great now, in 30 years you will just be wrinkly.

Third, walk more. It is the most basic form of exercise, and the rising temperature makes it all that more enjoyable. Take the stairs, pass up the bus. Walking presents a great opportunity to catch up with a friend, call a relative or simply clear your head. Not to mention a few extra steps every day tones your legs and boosts endorphins!

The level of effort you put in now will not go to waste. Besides the snowstorm scheduled to hit this Thursday, spring really is so close we can almost taste it! Get outside, enjoy the warm weather, power through these last few weeks of exams and work until Spring Break!