March 20, 2014

New Ithaca Studio Will Provide Space For Wine and Art

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Uncorked Creations — a new downtown art studio and local business opening on April 6 — will offer customers the opportunity to create art while enjoying wine and music in a “relaxed environment”, according to Alise Pierson, owner of the studio.

“People sign up for a particular painting class and bring their wine bottles,” Pierson said. “We provide wine glasses, bottle openers [and] all the materials for the painting, and there will be an instructor to guide them through the painting step by step.”

According to Pierson, the studio — located on Tioga Street — will offer adult painting sessions, children painting classes, studio space and art instructors for private parties, children’s birthdays and events like baby showers.

“We get a vast range of ages in the painting studies. We’re going for a lot of locals and families looking for a different night out,” said Jacqueline Freeman, the studio’s manager. “Everyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw a straight line or a circle. You can do it. People are so amazed and proud after it.”

Pierson opened the first branch of Uncorked Creations in Binghamton, N.Y. in August. Upon the success of the business in Binghamton, she said she decided to open another store.

“I was looking at many different places. But Ithaca is so artsy, and the crowd is open to such ideas. The energy here is so good, so I decided to locate the studio here,” Pierson said.

Freeman added that Uncorked Creations is unique because it is an independent business.

“We’re not a big corporate business,” she said. “We’re local people, hiring local people, trying to entertain the local people. We have hired an Ithaca College student, and as we grow, we’ll hire more local artists. We really push that we’re a local business and be part of the community.”

Both Freeman and Pierson also highlighted their interest in collaborating with other local businesses in the area.

“We’re also in talks with The Cellar Door in the Commons. We’ll work with them to try and provide discounts for wine at the studio,” Freeman said. “We’re going to reach out to the community around us.”

Uncorked Creations is a part of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, First Friday Art Walks and the Chamber of Commerce, according to Freeman.

“We want Uncorked Creations to be welcoming and almost like home,” Pierson said. “People at [the] Binghamton [location] feel very relaxed at the studio. We have many regular customers there and hope people will welcome it as they do in Binghamton.”