March 21, 2014

In Case You Missed It | Earthquake! And Some Other Stuff

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From the situation in Ukraine and Crimea to the earthquake in Los Angeles to St.Patty’s Day debauchery, Earth is kind of a shit show lately. And who doesn’t like poking fun at a shit show? Here are some highlights from this week in late night.

1. Monologue March 19 — The Tonight Show

Monologues can be a must-see or a bathroom break. This one was a must-see if only for the ending sequence that pits viral videos against each other. Oh and the bees(!) at the Yankees-Red Sox game. Totally missed opportunity for Nicolas Cage there, but I digress.

2. Confusing Question of the Day — Jimmy Kimmel Live

What happens when you warp all of the week’s news in one question and ask the general public what its thoughts are? People really do have opinions on everything … although completely unfounded.

3. Fred Talks — Late Night

Not much goes on at Late Night, but Fred Armisen is always a gem as far as weird and awkward go. Here he is discussing about his much buzzed about role in the upcoming Star Wars.

Kimmel may be bringing up an old video, but it is absolutely hilarious. Groupthink at its finest.

5. 2 Man Doo-Wop with Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon — The Tonight Show

We can all agree that Billy Joel is a national treasure. Getting a chance to sing with him would then be a dream come true. You can definitely tell that Jimmy is fully loving this moment.

Good night and good luck!