March 23, 2014

BUSINESS NEWS | Merchants: Alcohol ‘Big Part’ of Collegetown Economy

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Alcohol sales play a vital role in the Collegetown economy, with some business owners attributing the sale of alcohol to over one-third of their revenue.

“The economy of Collegetown is students; and since alcohol is a central part of the college experience it’s a big part of the [Collegetown] economy,” said Jason Burnham, owner of the convenience store Jason’s Grocery and Deli.

Although Burnham said alcohol represents about 20 percent of his total sales, he said he believes that alcohol has an even greater financial impact on the Collegetown economy due to the products that people buy before and after consuming alcohol.

Some business owners say they have had to adopt alternate methods to spot fake identifications due to an increase in the quality of false IDs produced. (Kelly Yang / Sun News Photography Editor)