April 8, 2014

Peer Review: Athletic Apparel Designed By Fiber Science Students Shows Off How Hot You Are

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At this year’s Cornell Fashion Collective, keep an eye out for two models on the runway wearing what could become a hot new trend in athletic wear — thermochromic outfits that change color in response to changes in body temperature. A team of three students in fiber science — Ariana Levitt ’15, Sarah Meyers ’16, and Eric Beaudette ’16 — and Alicia Potuck grad, chemistry, developed the garments.

Monique Hall / Sun Staff PhotographerToo hot for you | [from left to right] Eric Beaudette ’16, Ariana Levitt ’15, Tyler Kavanaugh ’14, Sarah Meyers ’16 and Alicia Potuck grad. All except for Kavanuagh worked to design and create the outfit he is wearing, a set of athletic apparel that changes color in response to his body temperature.