April 13, 2014

Alpha Delta Phi Raises Money for Youth Training

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The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity hosted their annual Victory Club philanthropy event Saturday, raising money for Ramapo for Children — a set of youth training programs that supports children with special needs.

Over 300 people took part in table games such as poker, roulette and blackjack while a student band performed jazz music, according to Victory Club co-chairman Reed Newman ’16.

“Victory Club is one of the highlights of the year for Alpha Delt,” Newman said. “Every year, we have a great time raising money for a great cause.”

Members of Alpha Delta Phi began planning this year’s Victory Club two months ago, according to Victory Club co-chairman Ilyas Abayev ’16.

The event’s origins date back to World War I, where guests would purchase Victory Bonds to attend the event which resembled a speakeasy.

“Later in the 1960s, it became the gambling event we have today,” he said.

The house, which is located at 777 Stewart Ave., previously had a gambling license, but now the gambling is “just for fun,” according to Abayev.

Amanda Barreto ’15, an attendee of the event, said she liked the poker theme of the event.

“I like the way the event was evocative of the 1920s — the jazz band, classy dress, and free-flowing champagne felt straight out of The Great Gatsby,” Amanda Barreto ’15 said.

Belle Kielty ’17 also said she enjoyed having the opportunity to meet everyone who attended the event.

“It was a really great event for both family and friends,” Belle Kielty ’17 said. “I had an awesome time the entire night and met so many new people.”

Abayev said he thought the event was a success both in terms of the money gathered and enjoyment of attendees.

“This year’s Victory Club was a great success, with champagne, fundraising, gambling and a black tie dress code [resulting in] a night of serious fun,” Abayev said.