April 21, 2014

HENRY | Save the TCAT Passes

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If the past few weeks and the controversy over the Student Assembly’s tabling of Resolution 72 has taught us anything, it’s that instances of major student activism are few and far between on this campus. When they do take place, the fervor generated by Cornellians’ passion dominates student news and conversation relating to University administrative issues.

What we haven’t realized, however, is that a legacy of past student activism is being stomped on at this very moment. While we debate (and, in the S.A., avoid debating) Resolution 72, another resolution is snaking an insidious path through the University Assembly.

U.A. Resolution 14 — Addressing the Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit Deficit — would retract free annual bus passes for freshmen, first-year transfer students and new professional and graduate students “if Cornell is unable to increase its subsidies to TCAT to meet the $1.00 per ride limit with existing funding sources.” It attributes TCAT’s current $700,000 annual deficit to the increased ridership by Cornell students and a steady (but not increased) contribution by Cornell to TCAT.

Students sit in trees to fight and save Redbud Woods / Courtesy of Prof. Elizabeth Sanders