April 22, 2014

WECHSLER | A Few of My Favorite Spring Things

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Now that Passover and the other, lesser known April holiday have come and gone, one thing is clear: Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and that creepy guy outside of Olin is finally wearing clothes appropriate for the weather. Yes, life is good here in Ithaca. While the approaching finals are about to make us all realize that we haven’t paid attention since before spring break, here are a few things to enjoy in the upcoming weeks before the bloodbath begins:


Drinking during the day takes everything that is great about going out in college and just makes it better. Not only that, but there is something about being out in the open that forces me to pause and reflect before I do something I will regret in the morning. Do I sometimes still go ahead and make the poor decision? Maybe. But at least I think about it first. Also, being at darties means that there is no bar for you to spend $50 dollars buying people shots at. Instead, go enjoy the free beer at the keg and contemplate why you have fewer people to hang out with when you aren’t paying for their company.


Don’t really have a great explanation as to why this should be on the list, but I’m just a huge sucker for a girl in a spring dress and this is my ploy to see more of them.

Date nights, wine tours, formals and more

As the semester winds down and we get closer to summer vacation, there appears to be a surplus of events where you get to wine and dine a lucky date. No matter what your opinions on these events may be, they all tend to end the same way for me. No, unfortunately I am not referring to intercourse. Instead, I peak during cocktail hour and end up asleep in my Big’s room, owing him a new piece of furniture in the morning. While I have yet to fully grasp the idea that when you attend an event with a date they are supposed to enjoy themselves too, my performances are slowly improving. By the next formal event I can say with almost 25 percent certainty that I’ll make it through the whole night.

J Crew spring collection

For those of you who are lucky enough to have interacted with me more than a few times, you have indubitably noticed two things. One, I love mirrors more than I should, and two, I only own J-Crew clothing. What began as a mom picking out clothes for her middle-school kid quickly became a love affair between myself and an incredible clothing brand. Wait, who am I kidding? Patty still picks out my clothes for me. No matter who’s doing the actual shopping, though, the fact remains that my closet is all J-Crew. Now, while the Crew produces top-notch clothing for three out of the four seasons, they struggle mightily with that winter selection. I cannot tell you how many times this winter I have had a girl tell me that she thought I was the total package, but just couldn’t be seen hooking up with a guy wearing the same striped hoodie every night. Spring could not have come soon enough. How can anyone say no to my sun-faded, long-sleeve pocket tee now?