April 27, 2014

Satellite Cornell Store Moves to New Mall Location

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A satellite Cornell Store opened its new, permanent location in the main corridor of the Shops at Ithaca Mall on April 19.

The Cornell Store had been operating in a temporary location for nearly two years, according to Margie Whiteleather, strategic projects manager for The Cornell Store.

Another tenant’s request for a long-term lease in the location began the evaluation process for considering operating a long-term Cornell Store at the mall, according to Whiteleather.

After receiving “incredibly positive feedback to the temporary Cornell Store we offered in the mall last year,” Pat Wynn, director of The Cornell Store, announced that they were “very pleased to be operating a store in the Shops at Ithaca Mall.”

The Ithaca Mall location houses a selection of Cornell apparel and gifts similar to those found on campus but offers many conveniences for community members and visitors according to Whiteleather. She said these conveniences include a more central location, extended hours and parking, according to Whiteleather.

The Cornell Store routinely looks for ways to get involved and collaborate with the community, Whiteleather said.

She added there are no immediate plans for expanding The Cornell Store.

“In some case, the need [for expansion] can be served by temporary pop-up stores,” Whiteleather said.