May 1, 2014

BERRY PATCH: In Case of Rain: Slope Day Edition

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With this being our last Berry Patch before we end publication for the semester, we wanted to look into what everyone actually looks forward to at the end of the year: Slope Day.  With the lineup of 3LAU, Matt and Kim and Ludacris, we were curious who else students wanted to see, with our personal favorites including Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo.  So we enlisted our best Berry Patch reporters, who completely disobeyed us and instead found out where Slope Day should be moved to in case it rains … so there’s that.

Barton Hall: The obvious choice — it can house the most people, we already have a lot of our big concerts there, etc.  However, since it can only house approximately 5,000 people at a time, a high-up University official said off-the-record that students would have to attend Slope Day in shifts. So pick your favorite artist now because that may be the only one you see. 3LAU, anyone?

Pixel Lounge: If Barton is taken, students say Pixel would also be an “interesting” backup rain location. Our only concern is that Pixel will also be very crowded. As one student said, “If you don’t want to have fun, and you want to get sweaty, go to Pixel.” But after Pixel announced — or, at least, put a paper sign on its door — that it now requires two forms of ID on any given night, rumor has it that specifically for Slope Day, in addition to the new wristbands, denizens will need five forms. Good luck, y’all.

Duffield Hall: Despite being a wide open space perfect for any event, we’ve heard that Slope Day — rivaled only by the Big Red Bar Mitzvah — would not have a warm welcome in Duffield. With the new calendar shortening the study period, the overachievers of Cornell say they have to get a jumpstart on their studying on Slope Day and don’t want the revelry interrupting their studying.

Chipotle: Who doesn’t like a good burrito?  And after the day you’re going to have, you’ll deserve it.