May 6, 2014

The Scientist: Prof. Mason Peck Works on the Future Of Space Exploration

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He started off with a Master of Arts in English before earning a bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. He worked as NASA’s Chief Technologist. A student in his lab is building a real-life tractor beam. He is now supervising two of Cornell’s very first satellite teams.

With all this on his plate, Prof. Mason Peck, mechanical and aerospace engineering, spends a lot of time thinking about space.

After working at NASA for the last two years, Peck returned to Cornell full-time this semester. His research interests broadly focus on questions of how spacecraft work, how they’re put together, how they move and what they can do. In addition, Peck founded the Cornell University Satellite Project and Violet project teams.

Courtesy of NASARocket power | Prof. Mason Peck, mechanical and aerospcace engineering [left], worked as Chief Technologist at NASA for the last two years before coming back to Cornell this year.