September 4, 2014

‘Bed Buddies’ and Body Bags: The ‘#fAtalfinale’

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Pretty Little Liars’ “#fAtalfinale” has come and gone and it was fatal — as promised! — but it wasn’t one bit of fun. We’re expected to latch onto yet another lead on who the real “A” might be — Alison (Sasha Pieterse), again (she was the original bet, remember?) — we’re expected to believe that she’s not just a mean girl but a “full-on socio” and that she assembled her friend group based on what personality traits she lacked and they symbolized (“the loyal one, the admiring one, the smart one, the compassionate one”), so as to most effectively fuck with them and most mind-blowingly, we’re expected to be shocked when the one person (Janel Parrish) who has the evidence that could unravel the mystery and end the series meets her untimely death at the hands of a hooded, shadowy, no-face.

Courtesy of ABC Family