September 4, 2014

Doctor Who at 50: Is it Still the Same Broom?

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Another day, another Doctor. That is how the saying goes, isn’t it? Over across the ocean in his funny little blue box, our wonderful Doctor has died once more, this time on a planet called Trensalore. Last Christmas we got to see Peter Capaldi, the thirteenth Doctor (if we count the War Doctor), take up the mantle. At the time, of course, the only thing we knew about him was that he did not like the color of his kidneys. On August 23, the mad man in a blue box returned. Inside a dinosaur. Later, he climbed inside a dalek. I’m already sensing a pattern. I’m getting ahead of myself, however. The first episode of a new Doctor is crucial. With Christopher Eccelston we were treated to an disinterested Doctor, marching about with purpose. Tennant gave us his “very Arthur Dent” entrance: Saving the world in a bathrobe, full of quips and Lion King references. Matt Smith, in his debut, crashed the TARDIS, demonstrated a new level of physical comedy (e.g. throwing a plate of bread and butter out the door like a Frisbee) and selected his first glorious bow tie.

Courtesy of BBC