September 4, 2014

Teatime Eatery Opens Doors on College Avenue

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Starting today, Teatime — a new Collegetown eatery specializing in yogurt, tea and salad — will open its doors to Cornellians and other members of the Ithaca community.

Like it’s location’s predecessor, Yogurt Crazy, Teatime will offer self-serve frozen yogurt. The dining spot has a wide variety of yogurt flavors — including classics like chocolate and vanilla as well as more unique flavors such as taro and cheesecake — according Victor Cheung, the store’s owner.

Cheung said he hopes the new eatery, located on College Avenue, will become a popular hangout for Cornell students.

“We are looking forward … that Teatime will become a popular place for the Cornellian to hangout,” he said.

Similar to Collegetown Bagels, Teatime customers will have loyalty cards, where they can receive their tenth drinks free, Cheung said.

He added that he hopes Teatime’s eclectic, healthy cuisine and convenient location will create a “relaxing” atmosphere for students.

“[We want] to provide healthy drink and food and a relaxing environment to the customers,” Cheung said.

Teatime will also serve a various flavors of hot and iced tea as well as smoothies, according to the menu. Customers have the option of adding tapioca pearl, pop bubbles and jellies to their tea.

Customers who choose to drink tea can customize their ice and sweetness levels. The restaurant will feature five different ice options and four sugar options, according to the menu.